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Our Mission:

Work hard and have fun!

Here at Flynn Power Skating, my crew and I work with many different drills, techniques and examples to help everyone understand the importance of doing the drills correctly to help improve every single skater on the ice.
From new skaters to experienced I have sessions, clinics and camps designed to help with balance, pivoting, acceleration, edge work, backwards skating, stops and starts and transitioning.

All levels are welcome at Flynn Power Skating!

Sessions will include power skating, high intensity, defense, shooting and stick handling, conditioning, pre-tryout and team practices.

I will attend practices for your teams convenience.

All skaters are to wear full equipment and bring their own water bottle.

Flynn Power Skating offers both on and off ice training. My off ice facility is located in Caistor Center, Ontario and can accommodate both indoor and outdoor training so weather is never an issue. There are seating areas and walking trails for waiting hockey moms, dads and caregivers.



About FPS

I've been on the ice since I was 5 years old and enjoyed success at many levels of hockey.


I am passionate about our sport and a student of the game and have been involved with several different hockey schools, power skating and shooting clinics.


Now it is time to pay it forward and share the knowledge and wisdom gained from instructors and coaches throughout my career.

- Coach Dan


S. had her first Sabres practice on Saturday. I was able to sit and watch.

Almost started crying when I watched her. If I didn’t know what she was wearing I wouldn't have recognized her. The improvements are unreal. Thanks so much. 


She is amongst the fastest skaters on the team front and backwards. That’s without even using the cross over quick starts. She said she forgot to do them. So awesome.

                                                                           - Andy

 Coach Dan, 


Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your program. My son has learned so much and his skills have drastically improved!

Thanks again!




Coach Dan,

 I just wanted to say thank you!! My son absolutely loves attending your skates. My husband and I have both seen a huge improvement, not only with his skating and hockey but with his confidence as well. He always feels good when leaving the rink after one of your sessions. Keep up the good work, we will see you at the next camp.



Hi Dan,

Just wanted to send a note to let you know that my son had a great time at your Christmas break camp. 

I feel like he learned a lot and the instruction and pace were perfect, great work!  You are an excellent instructor and your dedication to the kid's improvement is admirable. 

I hope that we are able to attend the next round of camps that you provide. 

Hope you are doing well. Thank you


 I have seen a big difference with his skating already after just a few of your sessions. 

Your skates are so well organized and the pace is amazing. 

I really appreciate how positive you are even when giving constructive criticism. It’s great. 


Can’t wait to see how he will look at the end of the Summer!! 


Thanks again for everything. 

Coach Dan:

When our daughter started your program, we just wanted her to get some ice time over the summer to maintain her abilities going into next season.  Little did we know how much you would be able to improve her balance and control, increase her speed, and boost her confidence.  After six weeks the difference was so stark we couldn’t believe she was the same kid.  Thanks for all you’ve done for her.  She can’t wait to sign up for another session.


thank you very much!! You are an outstanding instructor, very approachable and my kids love attending every session. Keep doing what your doing!!

Coach Dan,

some feedback for you. 

My first experience with FPS has been a total pleasure for myself and my boys. I have heard your name around the rinks but never followed through, then I looked for some info only to find your website (which is perfect by the way, not too much info or blah, blah about yourself, easy to register, and all the contact information) and decided to reach out. Right from your first email, I was impressed! You asked the right questions and made recommendations for both of my boys not having seen them skate but assured me they would be moved up if you felt they were ready to. Again, right from the first session, I was totally impressed! Player to instructor ratio was way above par (at every session) fast tempo, the right amount of instruction, pucks were used accordingly for different age groups, and your "Work hard, Have fun!" message was present the entire time. You get every skater's attention without the loud bark, you can see them all feeling good about what they are doing, how they are doing, and what they are doing it for!! I found myself watching you working with the skaters more than watching my own boys. My boys both loved the camps they were in, not one complaint about going to the rink, and were both disappointed when the camp was done. They wanted more!! I was amazed by how much you got done in 1 hour, and organized!! Every session ran smoothly, and your team was active and involved with every part.

You are very good at what you do Dan! Keep up the good work, I will be seeing you again and will highly recommend you to all who inquire. Thank you

FPS Team,

just wanted to reach out and thank you all for a great camp. My kids have been to many development camps all over southern Ontario and I just wanted to let you know they loved your team. The group sizes were perfect (12-16 slaters) 4-5 instructors and the little things you stop them for to correct. It was nice to see a team working to help every skater on the ice, not just watch them repeatedly do the drill wrong and start-up bad habits. Very impressed!

Thank you and see you in June!!

I wasn't naturally gifted in terms of size and speed.
Everything I did in hockey, I worked for.
Wayne Gretzky
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