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 All levels are welcome. These sessions will focus mainly on skating, lots of edgework, stops/starts, balance, and pivots with and without pucks. The goals are to get young skaters comfortable on their skates and aware of what they can do on them. I will have a few more instructors on the ice for these sessions to make sure all skaters are doing the drills correctly. Sessions will be 1 hour.

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All levels welcome. Backwards, backwards, backwards! Sessions will focus on the defensive skating part of hockey for everyone. Both forwards and defensive players will benefit from these sessions. Skating backwards, transitioning, pivots, edge work, starts/stops with and without pucks, 50% of these sessions will be done skating backwards. Sessions will be 1 hour.


HIGH INTENSITY (Level 1,2 & Elite)

This will be a very fast skating environment and is recommended for a more experienced skater. These sessions will involve both forward/backward skating, pivoting, transitioning, edgework, starts/stops, and quick feet with and without pucks. All of these will be set up in a more practice-like atmosphere with drills and stations again at a much faster pace. Both forward/defense sessions will be offered at high-intensity levels. Sessions will be 1 hour.

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My off-ice training will focus on a variety of hockey skills from shooting, stick handling, hand/eye coordination to cardio, endurance, acceleration, and quick feet. These can all be discussed, and a program can be set up to what the skater wants or what the skater thinks they need to work on or we can run a little of everything. All sessions will be 1 hour and a max of 4 skaters but no less than 2 skaters will be in attendance.

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